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Toys for puppies

Essential Toys For Your New Puppy To Learn And Play   It’s no secret that puppies love to play! They seem to have boundless energy and are on the constant lookout for something fun to play with. Toys are a great way to help you play with your puppy, or to distract them while you [...]

Stop a puppy biting and chewing

Learn The R.E.S.T. Method Of Taming The Chewy Puppy   Did you adopt Lassie or the Tasmanian Devil? While a new puppy is cute and cuddly, things can go crazy fast! Before you know it, you can have a mini-tornado on your hands; a whirling dervish of chewing and biting and furniture stuffing flying and [...]

New puppies and children

Introducing Your New Puppy Into The Family – Blending The Pack   Bringing a new puppy home is a fun time for all. The kids are thrilled to have such a fun, furry friend and the parents are excited to have a playmate for the family. Then reality hits. Soon, it becomes clear that puppies [...]

Puppy training tools

Popular Training Tools For Your New Puppy   You have welcomed your new puppy home. Your new fuzzy family member is a little confused, a lot excited, and not one bit obedient. Of course, that’s to be expected. Your puppy will be spending a lot of time doing whatever comes natural, including going potty, chewing, [...]

Choosing a Vet

Use Your Head And Heart To Choose A Vet For Your Puppy   You love your puppy and want the best care. Of course that includes choosing the top veterinarian available in your area. However, this relationship needs to be more than professional; it needs to be personal. But how do you find a great [...]